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HiI am 26 and have had IBS-D since I was 14...High school was a nightmare..I missed out on so much..Including the prom!!! I had very few friends and was withdrawn...After high school, I had a few boyfriends, and unfortunately they felt I was "boring" and a "homebody"...And anytime I went to a social gathering, I would be in a panic if someone else was driving, and public bathrooms were hard to use out of embarrassment..There will be people who will not understand,,But I assure you there will be people who will understand..I have dated my current boyfriend for only 4 months, and though I cant do everything I want to,,,he shows no impatience with me..If I dont feel well, and want to stay in..its fine with him,,cause he knows I'll have good days where I can go out and have fun..It frustrates me cause there is so much I want to do,,,and work is hard sometimes to get thru,,but I try to think of that I can still do things,,and I am not bad off as someone in a wheelchair or blind,,etc...Just take life one day at a time...Hope it helps to know you're not alone!!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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