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Hello! First off, welcome to the board, I've never seen you on here before. Secondly, there are lots of us on here that are pretty young. (not saying that 30 isn't young guys
, just meaning that I meant in Lonely Guy's age range. I am 20 year old gal, with a boyfriend of 2 years. When my IBS symptoms started showing last summer (but at the time I just thought I was lactose intolerant), I found it really hard, frustrating, and embarassing. I couldn't go anywhere without having to run home to use the bathroom! And whenever I was in public and the D couldn't be avoided, I'd start to cry out of frustration and embarassment. Whenever I would leave being with my friends, they were always wondering "why don't you just stay out with us?" but then they started to realize why I couldn't. Now its more of a joke of my "chronic diarrhea", and no one cares if I have to go home. (well, I do). Now I find that I avoid certain situations .. and thats not a good thing. I am just starting to adjust to the idea now of IBS, and its really hard on me. Overall, my relationships weren't really affected, most of my friends know about it, although some do still give me a hard time ("Why aren't you drinking tonight? You never drink!!!"). I just say I'm not interested in it anymore. I hope this helps. You're really not alone.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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