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As someone who was diagnosed with IBS at 26, I know it is hard to meet people. Luckily I was already involved with someone, but if I wasn't I can imagine how difficult it would be to meet someone. With that said, I tell anyone and everyone what is wrong with me therefore they don't have to draw their own conclusions as to why I am always running to the bathroom. My fiancee is very understanding. Sometimes he gets frustrated, not at me, but at the fact that I have to suffer sometimes of debilitating pain. So I wish you all luck in meeting someone who is patient, caring and understanding as I have. As for when you should tell that special someone you have IBS, I would say as soon as possible. Why? Well if they are calling to make plans and you keep telling them know, they may take it personally, but if they know you have IBS, they may be more understanding why you may be a "homebody."
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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