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Zelmac, new drug for IBS-C

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ZELMAC is a new drug indicated for IBS-C that will hit the market as early as next month or October. This is the firt ever drug indicated for IBS-C and should be a block buster drug according to clinical trials. In addition to helping with constipation, it also seems to help abdominal pain and bloating associated with IBS-C. Ask your doctor when it will be available.------------------jg
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Thanks for the post. Hope it gets here soon and is a good drug with few side affects.
Thanks for the update. I will ask my internest as soon as I see him next. Has anyone with IBS -D tried Lotornex, I hear it does wondersCheryl
Cheryl,the Lotronex did nothing for me but give me a bigger tummy ache.(slow motility) Krissy
JGilbert --- this is great news for all of us with IBS-C. We've had many postings on this drug and knew it would be coming out soon. Do you know if FDA has approved the final clinical trials?------------------Judy (IBS-C)
Judy- It has received final approval from FDA, and only hold up is the pharmaceutical company training sales force for the market.Looks now like mid october, but doctors should have heard about this by now.JG
Hi jg:Thanks for the info. This is really good news for the C people.
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Jgilbert --- thank you and please let us know if you hear anything else. Many of us on this board have been waiting for this drug for so long. ------------------Judy (IBS-C)
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