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Zelmac/Public Citizen ???

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Just wondering if anybody has heard anything about the Public Citizen petition to the FDA regarding Zelmac??------------------"Remember To Stop and Smell the Roses"Rose (C-type)
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I don't get it. How can Ralph Nader's group complain about a drug that isn't even on the market yet? Zelmac is a miracle drug for me. I begged Novartis to give me a humanitarian dose after the clinical trial and they turned a deaf ear. Even my GI doctor intervened on my behalf. I'm sensitive to everything. If I could take it without major side effects anyone can. (I had slightly blurred vision for two weeks and then either I adjusted to it or it went away.) ------------------***Gail
Jeff, Rose, and Gail,You can find the information from Public Citizen about Zelmac at this site: ------------------"Great Spirit, Grant that I may not criticize my neighbor till I have walked for a moon in his moccasins." Indian PrayerPeace, Vikee
Jeff, Vikee, GailI apologize. I did not make my question clear. I have already read about the petition to the FDA. I have also read Novartis's response. What I was trying to ask was: Has anybody heard what the FDA's response was to the Petition by Public Citizen? Does anybody know whether or not Zelmac will be available to the consumer in June as promised???------------------"Remember To Stop and Smell the Roses"Rose (C-type)
Here is a comment from Dr. Janet Woodcock, from the FDA, about Public Citizen following their petition about Zelmac. Dr. Sidney Wolfe is the chief medical doctor at Public Citizen.
quote:Thanks for writing- you make a lot of sense. I actually talked to Sidney Wolfe about this and told him I thought his analysis was flawed. The FDA looks at the data, not other peoples' assertions about it.
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Thanks Jeff,Do you think this means the FDA will ignore Public Citizen's petition? I really hope so.
------------------"Remember To Stop and Smell the Roses"Rose (C-type)
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