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Jadair, I found a doctor that gets migraines himself and he allows me all the medication I want. I use Imitrex mostly. I use it sparingly. I use to keep the Excedrin people in business but that is so hard on my stomach. Some one on the migraine BB suggested that you get the Imitrex in the 100gm. tabs instead of the 50gm and then use half of one at a time so you might check and see if Zomig would work that way too. I use the injections myself, and found the Zomig didn't help much. I have used Maxalt also,but it is not as effective as Imitrex.I started taking Primal Defense{/b], a probiotic and it has seemed to help lessen the magnitude of the migraines I get. Maybe it is cause I don't eat anything after supper so that I can take it on an empty stomach before I go to bed. Who knows but it seems to work.IT is expensieve but I found a place on line that I could get it for about 2/3 the price of the health food store I went to. I was using it for a gas and odor problem that it was suppose to help but so far it hasn't done a thing for that.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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