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I took one round of 6mg Zelnorm back in March. I have c. related ibs, gerd(nerd?), lactose intolerance,pain under right center ribcage. I was on Zelnorm for a little over a month. During this time I had 4 normal stools, 2 near the beginning of treatment and 2 nearer the end. The rest of the time it was the same old story, actually constipation alternating with a sort of diarrhea, but of formed stools diminishing in amount through the day. They are not painful, but used to be extremely so in my teen years. My doctor felt this was not sufficient help to warrant continuing the drug. I wondered if the temperature at which I kept the drug made a difference in how it worked. The packaging says that it should be kept at 77 degrees F. When I purchased the drug I left it in the car while I had a long visit with my daughter before going home. The temperature was well below freezing. Also I keep my home temp at 60 degrees when I'm at home (dress warm) and 50 degrees when in bed or away. I talked to the company rep on the phone. He didn't seem to think that that would matter. Just ended saying room temp. The tabs were not disintegrated in any way. Has anyone else had experience with low temps possibly affecting the tabs? Also has anybody taken the drug for awhile, stopped and started again. Was the second round any better than the first?
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