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Hi, I havent participated in this group for a long time. I am chronically constipated along with some other medical issues. I believe that my constipation is due to Pelvic floor dysfunction. This means that the muscles down below are way too tight. I have been through physical therapy, and biofeedback..none of wjich have helped all that much. I am wondering if this drug may be an answer for me. what 'type' of constipation is Zelnorm indicated for?
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From what I've read about Zelnorm, it helps regulate bowel movements by acting on the peristalic reflex. With IBS, the perstalic reflex tends not to be coordinated so as to move the contents of the colon along -- this results in cramping, pain, and constipation (for some) or diahrrea (for others). I don't know if it will help your situation. You should ask your doctor.
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