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This is a list of what worked and what didn't for me.

Diagnosis: IBS/SIBO/god knows what/still under investigation

What works:

- Elavil (Low dose anti-depressant, TRICYCLIC), 10-20% pain relief

- Simethicone: Anti-gas / Anti-flatulence over-the-counter medication, gas and related pain relief

- FODMAP Diet and elimination diets (eliminate your food triggers!)

What is a waste of time, space, money etc:

Bold indicates not only it didn't work but it also made it worse

Dicyclomine and other anti-spasmotics: Did not help, and had side-effects of stomach pain etc

Enteric-coated Peppermint oil capsules: Did not help, had annoying side-effects

Align, and other probiotics (although this helps some people, i suggest you try it)



Candibactin products

and everything else i tried as well in this natural department

Paleo diet (again, try it)


Ketogenic Don't do it unless you want to die ^_^

and most other diets

What i am currently testing:

SNRI antidepressants at high dosage
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