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Looking for information from anyone who has used zoloft. What effect has zoloft had on constipation? Thanks!
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I did a search on Zoloft. Here's a couple of threads with a bit of info (most mention it gave the person D, so it may be helpful for C):;f=32;t=000129;f=33;t=000273
Thank you for the information. I started Zoloft this past week, and have noticed some constipation. I take 500 mg. of magnesium oxide at night. Bless the people who have given information about magnesium oxide. I consider magnesium a MIRACLE!
No problem. Magnesium is a live saver for me too! Going on three years with it and am so grateful.
Zoloft worked to calm me down, but also slowed my colon down, so I had to quit taking it because my colon is slow enough.
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