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ZYPREXA clearing D and pain

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My Doc prescribed me ZYPREXA (OLAZANPINE).ZYPREXA is USUSALLY an anti-psychotic drug with some anti-depressif effect (weak).It's an 5-HT2 antagonist[b/] and also a Dopamine antagosnist (5HT-1, 5HT-3, 5HT-4 receptors are not involved). I read that even with low dose (2.5mg) all 5HT-2 receptors are occupied by the drug and not all D receptors are occupied (PET scan study).I had D with pain.This drug CLEARED my D and pain to a large extend. I use actually 2.5 mg. My doc prescribe 5 mg.One benefit (if i can say that) also is an increased appetite. So i gained some weight, not a lot. I just have to control my appetite.This effect is ALSO seen on peoples with no IBS.--SO this drug HAS effect on the gastro-intestinal track.--The first week you may experience dizziness, drozziness, ..etc as with anti-depressive drug.Check here and type Zyprexa for drug search.----I thing that it does the job via 5HT-2 receptor.That all i wanted to say.You may ask you doc.I cut the 5mg pill in 4 quarters to start it's use instead of jumping right in the max dose. So the unwanted effect are reduced. I take it by 9 P.M.I'm male so i don't know the effect on female.----Good luck
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I don't know about anyone else, but after church and family, I can't get on the cpmputer at all on Sundays and then not until after work on MOndays. And I truly hate this thing! I only turn it on when I absolutely have to. Anyway, I am interested and will mention it to my doc, but he's out until mid-October and I don't like the stand-in guy, so I'll have to wait. Thanks for the info, we all have to keep looking and alerting the others to what works for us.
Sory Trudyg that you can't go on your computer when you want.-------My personal experience with ZYPREXA (OLANZAPINE) is that i was prescribed this med last year and it cleared my D and pain. I was taking the pill in the morning and i was experiencing some drowzziness in the afternoon.On jully i decided to stop taking it to see what will happens.One month after stoping it, my D returned badly every days with the pain. My doc said "you'r not helping yourself".So i'm restarting on it, but i'm taking the pill by 9 P.M. so that i don't experiment drowzziness during the day (i read that the drug concentration is at maximum 6 H after taking it, so the maximum happens during the night).Since i restarted the pill (one week earlier), the D and mainly the pain are gone. I'm sleeping well
, even too much
. No urgency to go to the toilet. A lot less gas.What to say more ...
Have a nice day
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