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Rectal Hyposensitivity - Journal

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This is my story and journal of my rectal hypo-sensitivity -

Also have a anal fissure.

Dx'd with no sensation to have a bowel moment unless I have diarrhea or just before diarrhea - having 6 to 10 bowel moments a day.

First doctor - Stated that he could not help me, that I am the first case he has seen of this in 30 years. Told me that he would not help with the fissure because of having to use the bathroom so much.

He was stumped as to why the following doesnt work for me: suppository, enemas , certain drugs, kept asking me if miralax would work by its self advised does not work. went over the list of meds that didn't work for me. was surprised that some dont work. advised me to find another doctor. stated to me that a colostomy would not solve the problem (you mean it wouldn't by pass the rectum that isn't working? he had no answer for that.)

2nd doctor had never head of it - advised me to see another doctor.
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i'm amazed that these doctors have never heard of RH. are these docs gastroenterologists?? did they look at your anal manometry results?

i'm also amazed that that first doc didn't understand that those meds didn' t work for you. my gastro docs understood perfectly.

and the colostomy part--of course that would help. you wouldn't have to use your rectum if you had a colostomy.

yes, do see another doctor. often gastro docs who work at a university hospital are more knowledgeable and proactive about treating constipation and rectal problems than other gastro docs.
"you could die" ?????

that's ridiculous. i mean, sure, all surgery has some risk but a colostomy in and of itself will not cause death. find another doctor.
that's great! so glad to hear that the enemas are working for you.
i used to control the water flow with my fingers. i didn't use the clamp thingie that was provided in the enema kit. i just held the enema tube closed with my fingers and then opened them very slightly to let the water flow through slowly.
good luck!
good luck with the botox. hope it helps.
i don't know. i never had wet farts. maybe they are due to something else??
good luck with botox. i do hope it helps you. so sorry for all your pain and misery. i wish you had a doc who understands what you are going through and who would help you.
your doctor is not very compassionate, caring or empathetic. how would he like it if he had to live like you do.
sure hope this doctor is better than your current one. good luck!
no, you're right--it wouldn't.
so sorry you're still having issues.

that was a good idea to look over your anal manometry test and call the doc's office to get the missing part.

yes, i do hope your new doc can help you.

good luck.
oh that's good to hear--that's what you wanted--right?

yes, do keep us updated.
i hear ya....
he's allowing you to continue enemas during the test?? seems to me that using enemas would wash out the markers along with the stool and negate the test. all the instructions i've ever read re the sitz marker said no laxatives or enemas can be used during the test.
it all depends on what the doctor's purpose is for administering the test:

if the doc wants to see what your transit time is like while you're taking laxatives or enemas, then they want you to use them while taking the sitz test.

if the doc wants to see what your transit time is like when you don't use laxatives or enemas, then they tell you not to take them while taking the test.
thta's great, Hybo! you're on your way to a better quality of life.
i do it every other week. not fun. i wish i was one of those people who can just push the mucus out on my own but i have pelvic floor dysfunction, so i can't--i have to use a small, fleet size enema. and even then, i have to strain to get it out.
good luck with your surgery! you're on your way to a better quality of life. keep us posted.
thanks for the update. so glad to hear your surgery went well. and yes, now you have your life back!
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